The Hatchery: Columbia, MO Coworking with On-site Childcare

community guidelines

What the expectations are as a member of The Hatchery.


How to be a good egg

This is our space. Not mine, but ours. Here are some tips on how to keep The Hatchery looking and feeling top notch.

  • Have respect for your space and your friends.
  • Leave your space the way you found it.
  • If we're low on supplies, please shoot an email to
  • Bathroom supplies are in the cabinet in the bathroom...if the toilet paper needs to be replaced, please do your part and replace it.
  • Wash your dishes.
  • Say hi to someone you've never met before.
  • If you cuss like a sailor, we do ask that you are mindful of the members around you. 
  • Save the drama for your mama...please email if you're having an issue or hearing a possible rumor that we need to squash.
  • If you're an MLM'er, please be courteous and tasteful. It's not cool to come in and push your product or biz on the other members. It's about building relationships :)
  • We're new at this, if you have a rad idea, please share!