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Unleashing Your Unique Strengths | A Free Positive Psychology Workshop With Bevin Mugford

Discover how you can thrive personally and professionally

Join us for a free positive psychology workshop with Bevin Mugford, the head of field development for Peach. All those that plan to attend must RSVP to

In this workshop you can expect to go over:

The ABC’s of Confidence:

Confidence is highly correlated with personal and professional success, yet it feels elusive

to many people. Here is the exciting news -confidence can be acquired and grown through

purposeful practice and training. Together, we will explore how to:

  • Translate thought into action in the face of both ambition and doubt

  • Practice bouncing with successes and the failures

  • Grow through sharing vulnerability and connecting in community to build and

    restore confidence

Bevin Mugford.jpeg

About The Speaker

Bevin Mugford is Head of Field Development for Peach, a lifestyle fashion brand that offers women a line of unique, runway

inspired athleisure that provides stylish and fabulous everyday apparel at desirable price-points.

An entrepreneur by nature, Bevin has an extensive background in multi-million dollar real estate sales and corporate recruiting. Throughout her career, Bevin was repeatedly recognized for her excellence in sales, recruiting and leadership while working in the fast-paced markets of South Florida, Manhattan, Chicago and Boston. In her role at Peach, Bevin
trains and leads a sales organization of over 500 Peach stylists spread across 44 states. A dynamic and engaging public speaker, Bevin activates the Peach mission to help women thrive through presenting powerful personal and professional development workshops to Peach stylists and like-minded women’s organizations.

A mom of four, Bevin lives in Connecticut, and can most often be found at an airport or on a plane traveling to deliver inspiring and motivational messages to audiences across the country.