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Paper Planner Workshop

The school or calendar year kicks off and you find the one: it’s shiny and new and suddenly you’re going to get your life together and use a planner! But, now it’s August and it has dust on it and you’ve given up.

Well, that just doesn’t fly with us! Join us for a workshop to get things put in that book and get yourself organized! We will be facilitating this workshop to allow you the time and space to get it written down along with tips on how to stat consistent and keep using it.

We ask that all attendees pay $10 -or- donate $10 worth of school supplies - proceeds and supplies will benefit the Voluntary Action Center. 

What you need:

  • Your $10 donation of cash or supplies
  • Your favorite planner! Not sure what's best for you? Check out this excellent guide!
  • Pens, pencils, markers | whatever writing utensil will keep you engaged
  • A list of important dates/times/events that need to be written down 
  • Optional: stickers, tabs, sticky notes, etc. to keep things organized and exciting! 

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