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Here you will find information about upcoming events in our office as well as throughout the mid-Missouri area. Our goal is to connect you with events + resources to help you through your journey as an entrepreneur.

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How I Grew My Business With a Webcam | Taught By Sarah Jo Crawford

We all know that video is one of our most valuable content assets when it comes to marketing. We are bringing in expert Sarah Jo Crawford to teach us more. Sarah is the founder of Sparkworth who has successfully reached millions with low-production, high-yield videos.

This 60 minute talk is packed full of actionable strategies and tips on how you can make videos drive business. Big or small, corporate or personal, Sarah will show you how video can work for you. And don’t worry, no video experience is required.

Key Takeaways:

1. How to set up your video production process
2. How to plan and execute distribution
3. How to ensure your videos are driving sales

Free To Active Members | $10 to The Public | $15 to The Public + Childcare

Active members: please RSVP to


Meet Our Speaker

I’m Sarah. Performer at heart, but marketer by trade, I have spent my entire career helping companies and individuals move beyond selling products or services. I’ve managed a social media following of over four million, created award-winning marketing campaigns, and reached millions with low-production, high-yield videos.

While marketing trends come and go, I specialize in helping business owners and advertisers decipher which are worth chasing, and which we should just let us pass us by.