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Here you will find information about upcoming events in our office as well as throughout the mid-Missouri area. Our goal is to connect you with events + resources to help you through your journey as an entrepreneur.

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Mapping Your Future | Taught By Rachael Sparks

Join us for an interactive workshop with Rachael Sparks. Rachael will guide this session in discovering your future self through exercises that allow you to explore what's in store for you personally. 

By the end of this session, you will have a clearer vision of the person you would like to become in the future as well as what you would like to see happen in your life moving forward. You will be armed with the resources to make personal change and step fully into the person you envision yourself to be in the future. 

All success starts on the inside. So let's discover your authentic path to success together. In this session Rachael will guide you in:

  • Taking Inventory: Where are you coming from? Where are you headed? Let's see what we're working with.
  • Dreaming Big: What's your big hairy audacious goal (aka: BHAG)? Let's explore this and the paths that lead to it.
  • Having a conversation: Let's talk - with OURSELF! :) Yep, let's dig in and have a good, hard conversation about our life. Be prepared to be honest and vulnerable. We'll uncover whether or not you are completely committed to achieving your goal or if you are secretly committed to something else!
  • Road Mapping: Expectation vs Reality. Let's look at what might be getting in our way or creating detours or obstacles. We'll use our past history, our personal limitations, and our available resources.
  • The next reasonable/practical step: this may be letting go of some limiting belief and focusing on that before taking concrete action. Your future self is depending on you. So clean out the closets or take the action, whatever is appropriate here.

This event is free to members | $10 for non-members | Optional $5 childcare

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About Our Speaker 

Rachael Sparks, owner of Inner Spark Consulting, is a licensed life coach located in Columbia, Missouri. Sparks main focus area is coaching and empowering working mothers to assist in finding balance in their lives. Sparks focuses on a holistic approach to mental health that includes an awareness and implementation of spiritual practices that have helped her clients find balance in their physical, spiritual, and mental lives.