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Mailchimp Automation For Everyone With Pixeljam Digital

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This event is Sold Out, please email to be placed on the waiting list.

How many hours have you spent monkeying around in MailChimp, setting up contact lists and scheduling emails? When was the last time you personally welcomed a new email subscriber who signed up for your newsletter, or followed up with a customer after they made a purchase?

The key to managing your time on any email platform is setting up automated triggers and "drip" email campaigns so that you can let it run with minimal effort. Fortunately, MailChimp offers free email marketing automation to everyone!

During class, the experts at Pixeljam Digital teach you how to:

-Link your MailChimp account to your website (whether it's on WordPress or Squarespace).
-Automate welcome emails to new subscribers, with an optional follow-up series.
-Auto-tag your contacts so you know when and how they subscribed, which can be used to populate email segments.

Overall, we want you to learn how to automate your email marketing so you can reserve those late night hours for something better... like accounting ;)

Needed Materials: 
Students should have an existing website (WordPress/Squarespace), and a MailChimp account with at least one contact list.

Meet Your Instructor

Erica Martin is the owner of Pixel Jam Digital where she develops content for a variety of business types by researching market trends, understanding audience behavior, and empathizing with customers to create an overall digital strategy across online platforms to help you grow your clientele. In Erica’s own words “I am an extroverted developer and professional geek who is passionate about making the web a more accessible space through education and empowerment.”