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Feedback Welcome | A Public Event For Entrepreneurs and Community

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This week at Feedback Welcome we have Corey Gilmore with The Collaborati

“The Collaborati is a Performance Development firm that focuses on helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporate clients strategically plan their next growth stages for their business. The Collaborati team does this by first helping the company develop the mindset and strategy they need to succeed, and then we help develop the leadership and communication channels to make sure their vision can be properly executed, From there we get you connected with the experts that can bring the plan into fruition and act as your accountability partner to make sure your are seeing real growth inside your organization. The results we provide are businesses that have a definite purpose, a forceful direction, and a team that is deeply connected to their group mission.”

Corey is looking for different perspectives, thoughts on starting points, how i can involve locals to be a part of this collaborative effort.

What do you do when you have a great idea but aren’t sure if it’s really a business?  What about if you have a business that’s up and running but you’re hitting roadblocks you just don’t have the connections or answers for?

Well, Feedback Welcome is probably the event just for you! Our community loves a startup and a good brainstorming session. This is the perfect opportunity for you to come, share your idea, and leave with the answers and connections you need to keep going. 

So, what does this look like?

  • You’ll give a short presentation on your great idea or business focused on the answers you’re looking for and/or the connections you need

  • Our community will listen and offer you feedback, answers, and networking connections to get you moving

  • To keep you going you’ll get a 1-hour, one-on-one follow up session at a later date to keep you accountable and guide you to your next action step

Sound good? We thought so. Apply to present here!