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Boost Your Facebook Ad Game With Pixel Jam Digital

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This event is SOLD OUT - if you would like to be added to our waitlist please email us

Throwing $20 behind a boosted post on Facebook doesn't cut it any more. There's too much competition with other businesses, and Facebook's infamous algorithm continues to filter out your message.

In the words of Ross Geller from the show FRIENDS, it's time to "Pivot!"

This class will teach you how to be strategic with planning and launching Facebook ads so you get more bang for your buck. We'll discuss how the type of campaign, how your account gets charged - even holidays - all affect ad performance. We'll also cover how to incorporate:
-Audience exceptions
-Lead Gen ads

By the end of class, my goal is for you to know how to run ads like a professional digital marketer ;)

Tools Needed: Pen + paper to take notes, a Facebook business page, and a Facebook Ad Account to create ads in once they're ready (although not necessary for class participation).


Meet Your Instructor

Erica Martin is the owner of Pixel Jam Digital where she develops content for a variety of business types by researching market trends, understanding audience behavior, and empathizing with customers to create an overall digital strategy across online platforms to help you grow your clientele. In Erica’s own words “I am an extroverted developer and professional geek who is passionate about making the web a more accessible space through education and empowerment.”