The Hatchery: Columbia, MO Coworking

Marketing Services, Coaching, And More!


Business Development Services

Over the course of our time here at The Hatchery, we’ve learned that small businesses have their own, unique set of problems. We’ve made it our mission to further the growth of Columbia, Mo’s small business community by providing quality, affordable business development services. 


Feedback Welcome | A Public Event For Entrepreneurs And Community

Every Monday between 10AM-11AM we allow an entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, or business veteran to join our community for extra support. You’ll present your business and what you are needing feedback on and leave with the answers you need to keep growing your business.

Selected presenters will also receive 1-hour of complimentary coaching with our owner, Amanda!


Educational & Networking Events

Every month we schedule educational & networking events that are often open to the public!

You do not have to be a member of The Hatchery to attend our events!

These classes are developed with business in mind and can help you find the education and connections you need to work on your business as opposed to in it.


Business Coaching

Entrepreneurship does not have to be a lonely ride! Allow us to come alongside you for encouragement, support, goal-setting, and logistic planning. 

Services Include:

  • Long-term Coaching

  • In-Person Coaching

  • Remote Coaching 

  • Short-Term Coaching

  • Start-Up Coaching

  • And much more!