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What To Expect | Women In Biz Panels At The Hatchery

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Here at The Hatchery, we’re all about connecting you with the people and resources you need to go further. Personally, professionally, educationally - you name it, we hope we can help you achieve it! That’s why we create classes and other events that bring those types of resources directly to you.

Bi-monthly we host a Women In Biz Panel that brings in a rotating group of talented, driven women who are rocking it in their collective fields! These ladies introduce themselves to the crowd and proceed to answer questions pertaining to that month’s theme or their careers in general.

This coming month, we are highlighting women who are leaders in mindfulness. If you’ve been on the fence about attending a women’s panel at The Hatchery, we wanted to fill you in on how it goes and answer some FAQ’s!

Who can attend your panels? We welcome anyone! We happily welcome anyone looking for inspiration or an opportunity to empower and educate themselves. We do require that the general public purchases a ticket, but these panels are free to our active members.

When should I arrive? These events begin at 5PM with a happy hour and networking! We offer wine, beer, and light snacks. If you can’t make it that early, that’s ok! Happy hour runs from 5PM-5:20 and our panel will run from 5:30PM-6:30PM (even if you arrive at 5:20, there will probably still be a glass of wine available for you!)

Photographs Courtesy of  Drew Piester Photography

Photographs Courtesy of Drew Piester Photography


What do I need to bring? Please bring your questions! Our panelists are always full of information, but we need our audience to come with the hard-hitting questions to keep the conversation lively. Be sure to check out who is speaking ahead of time so that you can cater your questions to their expertise. It also may be beneficial to bring a notepad and a pen!

What should I wear? We don’t really have a dress code around here! Pants, shirts, and shoes are required but if you need to come in your pjs or your best ballgown, that’s totally up to you.

Photographs Courtesy of  Drew Piester Photography

Photographs Courtesy of Drew Piester Photography


Is it ok if I come alone? Totally! There are lots of great opportunities for networking with other attendees. Our staff is also adept at connecting others so if you need an intro, just ask and we’ll do what we can to help you feel comfortable.

Where can I get more information about future Women In Biz panels? We update all of our events over on our website’s event calendar! You can also follow us on Facebook and via our email newsletter.

Interested in attending a panel soon? Read on to learn more about our Women In Biz panel for Thursday, January 24th!

This month we are featuring 4 leaders who uniquely coach and support others in mindfulness. These amazing women all work to make Columbia a much more balanced place. We couldn’t think of a better way to showcase them and their unique skills than in their very own words. Meet our panel speakers for Women In Biz Live Panel | Leaders In Mindfulness!

Rachael Sparks | Inner Spark Consulting- Empowerment Coach and Astrologer

“I am a mother of two beautiful children ages 7 and 10. I work with people to help them process old emotional baggage and uncover who they truly are through a variety of methods including Reiki, Astrology and Psych-K. I continue to do this work because I love it and know that it's my calling.”

You can learn more about Rachael via her website and her Facebook page.

Charity Goodwin | Founder Of Speaking Life Leadership & Empowerment Coaching

Only after the stress and overwhelm took over her body, did she begin to listen to her heart. Today, Charity Goodwin facilitates, coaches, and speaks to inspire transformation in high-functioning, overachieving, perfectionists so that they live, lead, and love with boundaries, peace, and authenticity.

Goodwin is a Mizzou Journalism graduate. She completed a Master of Divinity from Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City. She returned to Columbia to serve as the Pastor of Discipleship for the Missouri United Methodist Church in 2015. There, she leads a new worship service called The City where she preaches weekly. The City’s vision is to form community, uncover purpose, and create heaven on earth. She was ordained in 2013. In 2015 she became a The Daring Way™ Certified Facilitator. She facilitates groups in the curricula created by Dr. Brené Brown. She is also completing her certification for emotional intelligence through Six Seconds.

Goodwin loves spending time with her two sons Gabriel, 7, and Levi, 5, trying new recipes and listening to podcasts. You can learn more about Charity via her website.


Kelly Howe | Owner of Kelly Howe Coaching

In 2004 Kelly graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors in Nursing. After working as a nurse at the bedside for 10 years Kelly was left burned out and sick mentally, physically and spiritually and when “traditional” methods continued to fall short in her healing process, she had no choice but to get creative and look and think “outside the box” for a solution. It was at that time that she stumbled onto EFT(emotional freedom technique) and quickly realized the possibilities for healing not only mental blocks and limiting beliefs but rewiring the PHYSICAL reaction and programming of stress. This powerful tool quickly changed her life and set her on a course to share, educate and advocate for healing through both the mind and body.

After 8 years of training with the world’s top experts and traveling all over the United States, Kelly holds several advanced EFT certifications with mentors such as Dawson Church and Margaret Lynch.

Through public speaking, working with groups or one-on-one, she is passionate about educating the masses about the mind-body connection and how the unchecked stress response and the wounding of our past is plaguing our mental and physical health and holding us back from confidently living our greatest life.

Kelly now specializes in helping mission driven entrepreneurs and professionals who are stressed to the max, stuck in their business growth, and secretly battling with self-doubt. And shows them how to take their business to the next level by clearing inner blocks to success so they can fall back in love with life, earn more and create an abundant AND balanced life of meaning and impact. You can learn more about Kelly via her website.


Valerie Zumwalt | Founder Show Me Leaders

Valerie Zumwalt is the founder of Show Me Leaders, a leadership growth company helping leaders define and design their ability to RELATE to others; their ability to EQUIP others, their ATTITUDE and mindset, and their LEADERSHIP and influence.

Valerie is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with The John Maxwell Team. As an Executive Director of the team, she is mentored and coached by John directly along with his world-class faculty. She is also a DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer and Consultant. You can learn more about Valerie via her website.

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