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What To Expect: Hatchery Business Development Services

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Our mission at The Hatchery is to help locally owned businesses continue to grow by providing professional workspace and accessible business development services. 

Wow ok deep breath - that was vulnerable for us! The thing is, this mission is something that has taken us an entire year to fully understand. It's something we've crafted carefully and brainstormed a million ideas to accomplish. 

So, what does that mean for you - our amazing community?! This means that you can now fulfill your marketing, graphic design, and coaching needs through The Hatchery!

Our services are specifically crafted with small business in mind. We are a small business, we work all day with small businesses, and now it’s time for us to provide them with the services they need. Consider us a small business resource center - created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We get it because we are also currently doing what it takes to make our own small business work!

Members and Non-members can now access these services via our website:

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Marketing & Design Services

From crafting your marketing message to creating a beautiful, timeless logo we can handle your marketing & design needs! Each of our clients receives personalized, holistic services with long-term goals and growth in mind. 

Services include:

  • Logo & Branding Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Target Market Identification

  • Mission Statement Crafting

  • Visual Content Creation

  • Social Media Coaching

  • And much more!

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Business Coaching

Entrepreneurship does not have to be a lonely ride! Looking for accountability? Support? A swift kick in the pants?! Allow us to come alongside you for encouragement, support, goal-setting, and logistic planning. 

Services Include:

  • Long-term Coaching

  • In-Person Coaching

  • Remote Coaching 

  • Short-Term Coaching

  • Start-Up Coaching

  • And Much More!


You may also be wondering who the heck is actually helping us offer these services?! Well, we’re pulling from our very own A-Team! Meet your marketer/designer/coaching dream team!

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Amanda Quick | Business Coach & Founder of The Hatchery

With real-world business ownership under my belt and a lifetime of loving connecting people to their next big move, I’ve learned that most people need another person in their lives to keep moving forward. I come alongside our business coaching clients to help them find clarity for their next steps. Through honest advice and practical business knowledge I help people push past their insecurities and start truly thriving in their business.

Outside of that, I am the owner and founder of The Hatchery! Mom to Ellie (3), wife to Sean, and caretaker to our dog Nugget. I love peanut butter M&M’s and, quite frankly, people! Connecting others truly fuels me.


Raigan Mastain | Graphic Designer & Marketing Consultant

Through marketing, visual and written content creation, and eye-catching design I help small businesses own their brand voice and attract their dream clients. Having worked closely with small businesses for the past five years, I understand the unique problems they face and am passionate about helping them succeed.

My other passions include my son Salim (suh-leem, 4), chips and queso, Oprah Winfrey, every reality tv show MTV has produced in the past eight years, and the city of Columbia, MO where I was born and raised. I genuinely feel lucky to be a small part of the puzzle that helps our local businesses succeed! 

My resume is available here and my portfolio is available here!

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