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What To Expect: Feedback Welcome | A Public Event For Entrepreneurs and Community


One of the most confusing things about business, entrepreneurship, or being a visionary is how isolating it can be. At some point, it’s impossible to simply rely on your own resources. Whether that is mental or financial! After all, none of us are intended to do it all alone.

That’s why we created our very own platform for constructive criticism, networking, and straight up knowledge sharing! Feedback Welcome is a public event that allows anyone with a business idea, functioning business, pivoting business, or really long list of dreams on their phone to present their problems to a room full of business, marketing, and finance experts.

In addition to this, all presenters receive a 1 hour business and marketing coaching session with Amanda to navigate their next steps to success. So, what can you expect from this platform?

8 minutes


A simple, 8 minute presentation is all that it takes to get the feedback you’re looking for. Some people create powerpoints, some show a short video, and a few have even stood up at the front of the room with a verbal explanation of who they are and what they do (or hope to do!) Your presentation is not as important as getting to the heart of your issues - what we’re really looking for is a clear, authentic view into what you do and what you’re struggling with to reach the next milestone.

Experts?! I’m not ready for that!

You know that gross feeling in your gut when you just feel extremely out of place somewhere? Yeah, you’re not going to get that here. Our experts are also some of our closest friends - they’re the kind of people we text goofy memes to and call when we’re struggling with our own business. I know, it sounds too good to be true, right?! Well, it’s not. If someone makes us uncomfortable, we’ll ask them to no longer attend - the goal is for you to come in at any level and feel comfortable and supported by our community!

Do it for the mems

Worried about not remembering all of the awesome feedback you receive?! No worries, we record your presentation as well as our feedback session. You’ll have access to this so that you can rewatch it to take notes - or just to relive the glory.

What’s next?

Immediately after your presentation, you’ll have a little bit of time to get contact information from our other attendees. This is a good time to chat and exchange business cards. You’ll leave, have some time to process all of the info you received, and then The Hatchery will reach out to you to schedule your follow up coaching session.

Put me in, coach!

giphy (1).gif

In our coaching session, we’ll go over what advice was offered to you in your presentation. We’ll take some time to check in and see if anything really stuck. This is more of a progress check and platform for encouragement - our goal is to come alongside you and help you continue to succeed whether that’s through accountability, coaching services, or us giving you a list of 3-4 actionable items to keep moving forward.

So, that’s what you can expect from Feedback Welcome! We would love to have you present your business or your next big idea and you can apply right here! If you would like to attend you can also learn more about the details of this event here. 


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