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What To Expect: A Typical Day At The Hatchery

This whole working from home thing isn’t exactly working for you. You’ve spent too many days only talking to your dog and the mailman. Your “productive afternoon” turned into one where you conquered the dishes and the laundry - but not that expense report you’ve been dreading. Maybe you lost your cool when you were in the middle of an email and an overeager toddler hit whatever button simply deletes everything off your computer. We get it (and we’ve been there!) and there’s certainly no judgment here - but there are definitely solutions!

You know these things, but you’re just not quite sure about this whole coworking thing. We also realize your time is valuable and you don’t have hours to sort through what a day at The Hatchery might be like. We’ve got you - here’s what you can expect on a typical day at The Hatchery:

Hold up: I'm ready to come in, but what should I wear?!

We don’t have a dress code - seriously, no thanks! Do you work best in yoga pants and a t-shirt? Is your preference to wear a three-piece suit? Fall somewhere in the middle? Whatever works for you, works for us!

Good morning!

You’re welcome to stop in anytime between 8:30AM-5:00PM M-F, but we’ll let you in on some insider info: if you’re looking to connect with people your best bet is usually to come in the mornings somewhere between 8:30AM-12:30PM. This is also the timeframe our childcare is currently offered! You’ll walk in the front door, be greeted by our staff as well as some of our members, and the coffee will be fresh and hot (this is true all day long - let's be real) Check in with the front desk, grab yourself a cup, say hello and connect to the wifi - seriously, it’s that simple around here.

You CAN sit with us!

We have lots of seating options! Desks, tables to meet with people, private offices, a conference room, a relaxing mezzanine - seriously, have your pick. All open coworking tables are first come first serve and, as a member, you can reserve private space ahead of time if you know you’ll be needing it.

photography courtesy of Drew Piester Photography

Networking vs Business Card Exchanging

We are beyond proud of our community. From our members and sponsors alone, you have access to practically every person or industry you would need to start a business and certainly plenty to help you thrive at whatever stage you’re at professionally and personally. Our members run the gamut from health coaches, marketing specialists, graphic designers, life coaches, reiki healers, bookkeepers, and countless others.

Deeper than that, though, is the fact that you won’t simply be exchanging your business cards with these people. You’ll likely be sitting at a desk right next to them and you’ll have the opportunity to chat about the crazy morning you’ve had or ask that quick question about the I9 you’re not even sure you really need. By working in the same location as so many different people, you’ll have the opportunity to establish relationships that go deeper than a simple “Hi, here’s my card.”

24/7 Access

Side hustle? Night owl? Part of the general population that is so not into a normal 9-5?  We have you covered. Our Flex Desk Membership and our Dedicated Desk Membership come with a complimentary 24/7 access pass. We also offer 24/7 access as an add-on to our Flex Desk Lite Membership for a one time fee of $25. You’ll get your key card and you’re free to come and go as you please!

Introvert For Life

We realize that not everyone is always into chatting it up and meeting new people all of the time, that’s totally fine! That is part of the beauty of having such a diverse group of people all working under one roof. If you’re not feeling like a social butterfly on any given day, no one is going to accost you. Pop in some headphones or politely mention you need to focus today - no biggie!


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