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The Hatchery at Pressed is Closing

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“Knowing when to pull the plug seems as critical to long-term success as taking a chance in the first place.” - Dean La Velle

Picture it.  It’s a snowy afternoon in middle-Missouri.  The sky is grey and everyone was feeling blah.  But, we had news. The Hatchery was collaborating with Pressed.  It was exciting and fresh and the bit of sunlight we all needed on a gloomy December day.  Here we are, 6 months later, announcing the end of our relationship. Hold your pretty, little horses.  Everything is fine. No one is mad. Our trial period has simply come to an end. #NoDrama

Travis Tucker, the owner of Pressed, and I have thought it through to make the best business decision for the both of us.  And that’s exactly what this is: a business decision. It’s no secret that many entrepreneurs are figuring it all out as they go, and I’m one of them.  Opening a 2nd location seemed like an exciting opportunity for The Hatchery, and I jumped. And, I’m so glad I did. I won’t go into the stereotypical “lessons learned” in here (because you probably don’t care and if you do let’s grab a coffee), but I will say that decisions like this do not come overnight.  I made the best decision I could as a business-owner, taking into account memberships, personal relationships, my team, and the original location, The Hatchery South. We had benchmarks set and we were not on target to hit them. I feel good that Travis and I made a decision that was good for everyone.

Taking risks in business is not something I’m willing to avoid. I want to grow and try and show my community that I’m invested.  But, at the end of the day, I’m a business-owner. My team is important. My members are important. And, my sanity is important.  

Our final day for The Hatchery at Pressed is Friday, June 14th. 

Thank you, Travis and Nathan, for the opportunity.
Thank you, Raigan, Tristen & Natasha, for keeping up with all the things.
Thank you, members, for being as amazing as always.
Thank you, Columbia for the continued support.

- Amanda

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