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The Power of Music and Our Time Here on Earth

Tonight I’m sitting here with Sean in the kitchen. He’s been gone for about 2 weeks and this is the first time we’ve sat together, by ourselves in months. Ellie’s in bed, he’s sitting at the bar with a beer, and I’m sitting on the counter with a drink. He starts to play Chris Stapleton’s song, “Broken Halos”. He looks at me and describes what he feels about the song. I sat there knowing he's wanting me to share my feelings and embarrassed, I admit that I don’t get it.

I enjoy music and I like different kinds, but it doesn’t hit me like it does him. I wish it did, as I want to feel what he feels. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to multitask and I don’t actually “hear” it, but just listen.

For the next 15 minutes he plays a verse, pauses it, and explains what it means to him. He walked me through the entire song. It was the first time that I’ve sat and fully understood a song and got the feeling that he got.

A short backstory…and this will seem super depressing, but I promise it ends better than you think. Sean is 33, I’m 31, and we’ve known each other for almost 11 years. Including 1 prior to us meeting we’ve lost 3 best friends that have been under the age of 34.

We are beyond blessed to have the group of friends that we do. We are all connected with the 3 that have passed in one-way or another.  We’ve been through more than one group should and it’s made us so extremely close. We’ve laughed, cried, fought (literally and figuratively), grieved, and are now experiencing our kids growing up together.

Back to tonight…that song brought up the lives of those 3 friends:

Angels come down from the heavens
Just to help us on our way
Come to teach us, then they leave us
And they find some other soul to save

Don’t go looking for the reasons
Don’t go asking Jesus why
We’re not meant to know the answers
They belong to the by and by
They belong to the by and by

Seen my share of broken halos
Folded wings that used to fly
They’ve all gone wherever they go
Broken halos that used to shine


He then played another song of his, Drink a Beer. The lyrics that stood out were:

Funny how the good ones go
Too soon, but the good Lord knows
The reasons why, I guess

Sometimes the greater plan
Is kinda hard to understand
Right now it don’t make sense
I can’t make it all make sense

Sean is sharing the times and feelings that come up as he’s listening to these songs, I felt something…and usually when these feelings and thoughts come I feel they’re weird. Like, they’re too weird to explain out loud. But, he already knows I'm weird, so I shared them.

I strongly believe we are all here for a specific reason and our path has already created. I believe those who leave us early have finished what they have needed to finish. It sucks and it doesn’t seem fair or right, but it’s not up to us. in fact, it’s not even about us. 

What is up to us is to be open to finding out what we are here for. And to not only be open to it, but to follow it and fully trust it. When we allow this to happen…magic happens. Things fall into place and life just seems amazing. If we believe this, why do we fight it? Why do we stress over things we can’t control? Why do we try and force things to happen? Why don't we just enjoy every single day like it's the last. Cliche? You bet. BUT, if you really think very well could be. We never thought those 3 would be taken so soon. But they were. 

I hate that these 3 guys have left us, but we have to accept it. These 3 guys brought so much light to the world and in a lot of ways I strive to be like them. Thinking about this makes me annoyed that I don’t enjoy life more and I let the stupid things bother me and take up my time.

A friend of mine would say that right now, we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. I would get so pissed when she would say that.

Mostly because I wasn’t satisfied where I was.
I finally feel like I’m there…right now…and everything that has happened (good and bad) has lead me here. Multiple times I have caught myself getting in the way and I spoke about that last time. It may take a couple days to realize it, but I love that I can be aware of it and stop.

This isn’t to brag, to say that I’ve made it, or to say that some things won’t work out how I think they are supposed to. But, it’s not up to me.

My goal for you is that you stop, listen, and trust your intuition. Know that it won’t disappoint you.