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How I allowed my value to be measured by the insights of our page


Do you want to know one of the things I love? Social Media. 
Do you want to know one of the things I don’t love? Social Media.

Some people are great at only using social media platforms for entertainment: cat videos, ellen videos, pictures of their friends’ kids, and pictures of a wedding they went to the past weekend. 

Some use it for inspiration: encouraging quotes, the latest fall fashion by their favorite influencer, or workout routines by their favorite trainers. Some are still trying to understand what in the world it is and how to use it: I see you Grandma Betty updating that profile photo!

Then, they close out of their app and move on about their day. 

I thought this was me until I started managing The Hatchery’s social media. A lot of business owners understand the value of using it to run their business (now, I wouldn’t recommend that being the only platform you use, but that’s not for this blog!). We can post a sale we’re having, post a video introducing ourselves and our staff, post a new item we just created, and post an inspiring quote to encourage your fell boss to keep going. And not just to your friends, but to anyone That is incredible you all!

Those are the things I love and appreciate. I also really love Ellen and Jimmy Fallon videos :) 

But, there was something else I noticed about managing our social media...

I was blessed to have our employee run our social media for the first year and a half and it was magical. We worked with a mentor to stay on brand and plan out content and then I didn’t really have to touch it. When she moved on, I took on the responsibility. Even though we had our templates, our branding, and our pillars of content for me to follow, I noticed something.  By managing it, I started to set unrealistic expectations of my skills. I noticed myself checking our page way too often. Checking our insights, checking for likes, comments, and shares. In my head, I knew these things didn’t make or break the business. But I compared the performance of what “I” created and posted to what had been done before. “Did that not get engagement because of my grammar?” “Did that not get any likes because it was posted at the wrong time?”  I could go on and on. 

It was also mentally wearing me out and affecting my mood. Because I was putting so much pressure on myself to create the “right” content and to post at the “right” time it was draining. I would then be mentally exhausted to take on the tasks for the rest of the day.

My favorite part of what I do is meeting with people and seeing how we can help them. I noticed that I wasn’t showing up as my best self because I had just scheduled out a week of social media and was already worrying about how it would perform. I allowed the value of myself to be measured by the insights of our page.

I finally made the decision to outsource and oh my goodness how freeing it has become! I passed along all of our resources, marketing plan, etc. and we met to get on the same page for all of our marketing needs. I explained that I had full trust in her capabilities! We touch base often to make sure we’re both on the same page and you know what I have noticed? I check our page way less, I only look at the insights at our monthly marketing meeting, and I have so much more mental energy to show up during the day! 

So, make sure that you are taking inventory in your social media use as a business owner. If you love it and it makes you thrive - keep on keeping on! If it’s causing you to measure your value to your posts, I recommend you look at handing it off to someone else. 

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