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Selfcare Sabotage: Practical Tips For The Anti-Pinterest Parent Inside Us All

If you log onto Pinterest at this exact moment, I would bet you $20 that at least one of your recommended pins has to do with selfcare. I would extend that bet and wager that whatever the suggestion is, also tacks on serious hours and dollars to your day, week, or month.

I don’t know about you, but as a working parent I don’t have the time, mental, or financial resources to adopt 15 extra steps and $150 extra dollars a month under the guise of “selfcare” Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the value of selfcare. In fact, I crave it. The exact strains that halt me from adopting these Pinterest suggestions are the same ones that let me know I need to implement something to take better care of myself.


To me, selfcare is not necessarily a financial investment or a massive commitment. Selfcare is about implementing small, practical, affordable changes to my daily life that add up to major successes in feeling rested, focused, and physically + emotionally healthy.

This isn’t another pricey selfcare blog, my friends - this one is all about affordable, practical, and blunt suggestions on how you can make daily choices to take better care of yourself.

  1. H20 - As simple as this sounds, I know there is someone reading this right now who is racking their brain to remember the last time they drank actual water and not just a massive cup of coffee. Screw a $100 moisturizer or retinol, drink some water my friend! Download a free app that reminds you to drink up or treat yourself to a fun water bottle from The Southern Rose that you’ll actually enjoy sitting on your desk!

  2. Clean your sink - I know, chores don’t really feel like selfcare. Chores kinda suck. You know what doesn’t suck? NOT walking past a sink full of dishes in the morning. Make it a priority to go to bed every night with a clean sink and/or an empty dishwasher. This will allow you to start everyday knowing that one “to-do” is already checked off. If dishes aren’t your downfall (hi, I hate dishes. They make me die a little inside) pick the one chore you hate and get that done first.

  3. Go TF to sleep - This really should be number one on the list, but seriously - go tf to sleep!!! You need at least 7.5 hours. I’m not talking 5 hours of sleep and 2.5 hours of messing around on Instagram from the coziness of your bed. I mean plug that sucker in to charge, actually lay down, and close your eyes for 7.5+ hours. Lack of sleep can impact your ability to function just like alcohol so make it one of your very top priorities. Personally, I like to listen to a little pre-bedtime meditation from youtube to help myself wind down.

4. Digital Cleanse - No, I’m not talking about changing your food intake to only cold pressed juice. I’m talking about purging your digital life. It’s way too easy to spend your free time endlessly scrolling through your newsfeed (it’s literally designed for you to want to do this, so no shame!) while avoiding everything and anything else. This also makes it extremely easy to fall into the trap of comparison. It doesn’t matter what Katie on Instagram is doing in Tahiti this week if it’s making you feel like your lifestyle “isn’t enough” When I’m feeling too overwhelmed by social media, I delete entire apps off my phone. I also go through who I follow/friend/etc. once a month and unfollow people. I know that I will end up on my couch every night feeling jealous of insta fit moms while I sit my lazy butt on my couch with The Real Housewives of Orange County in the background. So, I unfollow the distraction and cleanse my brain for a while. Delete apps and go on an unfollow spree - you’ll probably be shocked at how much lighter you feel!

5. Schedule it - As working parents, our own personal health and well being often takes a back burner. Odds are, you’ve got the kids’ dentist and pediatrician appointments booked from now clear until they turn 15, but you can’t remember the last time you stepped foot in a primary care doctor’s office let alone had a teeth cleaning. Set aside 20 minutes to look at your calendar and get your own appointments on the calendar! This also applies to physical therapy, massage therapy,haircuts, and whatever else you’ve put on the back burner lately. YOUR physical health is just as important as the rest of your family’s!

So, while none of this is groundbreaking, I hope it meets you at your level of need.Selfcare is not all about frills or spending big money - sometimes it’s about getting really real with yourself, putting the cell phone down, and getting some good rest.

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