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Outsource Your Life | Practical Tips For Easing Your Stress & Shortening Your To-Do List

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Everyone has a lot on their plates. This is not breaking news for any of you as I’m sure many people’s holiday to-do list has them feeling like this:


But here’s the deal - not a single one of us is capable of doing all of the things! You don’t have to do it all and Columbia actually has access to a lot of affordable options for outsourcing your lengthy to-do list.

Before we dive in, I do want to come right out and set the tone for our beliefs on outsourcing. There is absolutely nothing frivolous, silly, or spoiled about paying for a service that restores order in your life. If you can afford it, paying for tasks that do not require your personality is a viable, legitimate expense to add productivity and true connection back to your life. So if that attitude isn’t for you, that’s a-ok, but just know that this post may not be up your alley.

With that being said, here are our top outsourcing services and tricks!

* This post contains affiliate links *

Grocery Delivery

Grocery shopping with kids in tow can be a thing of the past! You guys, I’m dead serious! Who wants to bundle up everyone, walk into the store, fight through the aisles, etc. Columbia now has access to a service called Instacart that offers same-day grocery shopping and grocery delivery! Simply pick your favorite store, your items, and they’ll handle the rest! Your first 14 days of delivery are totally free and from there you can pay $3.99 per delivery or join Instacart Express for a year! Instacart Express works much like an Amazon Prime membership - $99/year guarantees you unlimited free deliveries on orders $35 or more!

Instacart currently has access to Aldi, Schnucks, Hyvee, Gerbes, Natural Grocers, Treats Unleashed, and Petco with plans to add more stores in the Columbia area. If you would like $10 off your first order, you can use our affiliate link! Here’s $10 worth of grocery delivery on The Hatchery.

House Cleaning

Look, let’s get real for a second - house cleaning is not a service that is just for the Hilton’s and the Vanderbilt’s of this world. In fact, being in the midwest we’re incredibly lucky to have access to housekeeping services that are lower in price than the national average.

Another common misconception about hiring help to take care of your home is that A) you’ll have to clean up just for the cleaners to do their job and B) if you hire a cleaning service once, you’re bound to them for the next 18 months of your life. These things are just untrue.

House cleaning does not have to be extremely expensive, time-consuming, or burdensome. Most housekeepers have their own niche and you may end up using several to meet your needs. Some specialize in a deep clean of your whole space, some prefer to help with the kitchen and common areas of your home, and there are some that you can even pay to come do your dang laundry! With a little bit of research and asking a few questions, you can clear household duties right off your list to free up your time for more fulfilling things. This has nothing to do with being lazy or spending frivolously - it’s an investment in your ability to be less stressed and more present with your family. Sitter Getter Home Help also provides services to help match you with a housecleaner that meets your specific needs, you can learn more about their services here.

Nannies & Sitters

Give yourself a night off, a productive morning, or a dang nap! Nannies can work on a part-time basis or provide you with long-term support - it’s flexible work perfect for the students we have access to in our community.  We love using Sitter Getter locally. They match families with nannies and sitters and handle all of the vetting and background checks for you!
One of our favorite FREE sitter recommendations comes from Jen Hatmaker who wrote an actual, successful, published book all while raising three kids under the age of four. How, you might ask?! Well, she met a mom through her church with kiddos the same age and they agreed to swap kids one day a week! It can be that simple (and free!)

Schedule It

As parents, we often put ourselves at the very bottom of our priority list. This is normal, but it’s not sustainable! Outside of outsourcing the things in your life, we also want to encourage you to stop breaking promises to yourself. With all of your new free time thanks to all of the outsourcing you’ll be doing, be sure to actually schedule time to recharge! Create a standing date in your agenda for “you time” and actually stick to it. Go to an event you normally wouldn’t make time for. Grab a drink with that friend you’ve been talking about plans with for months. The world will not stop spinning because you choose to take time for you! If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself, we would love to invite you to our upcoming Evening of Gratitude. It’s a great opportunity to hear an inspiration speaker, eat great food, make new friends, and bring new selfcare practices to your daily life.

Here’s to the holidays and to keeping yourself sane! Do you have outsourcing tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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