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My Top 4 Reasons For Shopping Local This Holiday Season!

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I will be the first to admit that I, Raigan Mastain, am the Amazon queen. In fact, I often am thankful that I’m not home when our postal workers arrive because I am embarrassed by the multitude of Amazon packages we get delivered to our home (here’s looking at you, subscribe and save!) However, over the past year and a half of working with local businesses I’ve realized a thing or two about shopping with small, locally owned businesses and vendors.

Small business Saturday is this weekend - Saturday, November 24th, and I want to challenge all of our readers to save a few of their Black Friday dollars to shop from our local retailers.

Here are my top 4 reasons for shopping small this holiday season

  1. When you spend money locally, your money stays local

    When you shop small you’re not paying a sticker price that funds someone’s next mega-mansion or a private island. Your money often goes right back into your community! Spending money locally allows shop owners to purchase their own homes, pay for their children’s sports practices, buy groceries - when you spend local, your money tends to stay within your community. This matters because the tax revenue accrues which allows our community to improve our public services such as schools, transportation, and our local fire and police departments. Don’t believe me? Studies conducted by the research firm Civic Economics found that 48 percent of purchases at local independent businesses go right back into the community, compared to less than 14 percent of sales made at chain stores.

  2. You are literally supporting people’s dreams

    Being in a small business has made me realize something - when you purchase from a small retailer, a real person does a full-blown happy dance! That’s true in our business, at least. It’s true because when we get that sales notification or we personally get to swipe your card, we know that your purchases directly impact our ability to continue to serve the community. How often do you really get to say that about buying a candle, a welcome mat, or your new favorite sweater?

  3. You are reducing your environmental impact

    It is astounding how much waste we produce simply by getting our things shipped directly to our door. As I said, I totally understand the convenience of getting your laundry detergent shipped straight to your door. However, the reality is that if we do this over and over again we not only impact our local economy, but we impact the entire planet’s health. Shopping small allows you to completely cut out the issue of packaging and shipping waste altogether.

  4. You’re helping create jobs

    I’m not going to get on my soapbox here and tell you my opinions about employment in America. I’m also not naive enough to act as if this isn’t a real, hot-button political topic at the moment. So I’ll leave the opinions out and just leave you with some facts. The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports 28 million small businesses operating in the U.S. alone. And since 1995, those small businesses have generated 66% of all new jobs in the United States. Small businesses create  BIG results for our local employment rates.

And hey, I also understand financial woes (what’s up, 6-months post-grad life!) so if Small Business Saturday just isn’t coming at the right time for your checking account, that is perfectly fine. Small businesses rely deeply on Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and social media follows, likes, and shares. You can support our local businesses today for exactly $0, 5 minutes of your time, and a swift Google search.

Show some love to our local businesses this holiday season - your friends at The Hatchery have a high five waiting for you with every purchase you make locally!

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