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Meet Greg Brockmeier | Brockmeier Financial Services Sponsor Spotlight


Sponsors are an integral part of what allows The Hatchery to provide our members with the resources and mentorship they may need to continue growing their businesses! Today we’re sharing one of our silver sponsors!

Meet Greg Brockmeier with Brockmeier Financial Services!

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 Tell us a bit about your business - how long you have been there, what separates you all from other investment companies?

Brockmeier Financial Services was started in 2009 by my father, Lon Brockmeier. I joined him in 2012. We are a small, family owned business, so we understand all of what that means. The anxiety and pride of working for yourself, the late nights and personal sacrifice that come with ownership. Working with my father has been a great experience, personally and professionally, and we are able to use that experience when working with other entrepreneurs and family owned businesses.

Tell us about your family

My wife, Kindra and I have been married for 8 years. I have an awesome son, Aiden, who can name every single Pokemon ever and will be starting middle school this year. Our family has had some obstacles over the past year or two, so we get to help take care of my niece and two nephews also. We also have a German Shepherd named Atlas.


 What has been your journey to reach where you are in business today?

My first career was in the hospitality industry as a chef. I attended culinary school in Hyde Park, NY at The Culinary Institute of America, and spent the next 12 years cooking professionally. After graduation, I had the opportunity to travel quite a bit cooking, going to Sacramento, CA, Maui, HI, and Europe and the Mediterranean. I eventually made my way back home to Columbia and worked at a number of restaurants here, getting married and having our son in the process. Unfortunately, working 18-20 hours a day, getting home at 2 in the morning, doesn’t work out well as a husband and father, so the time came to hang up the apron. At the same time, my father was transitioning to an expansion phase of the financial advisory business. Growing up around the financial services industry, investments and financial was something I was already very familiar with, so it seemed a natural fit to join together.

What drives you to do what you do each day?

The best thing about my job is hearing, and being part of, people’s stories.  Each individual is unique: The path that got them here, where they are wanting to go, the people and things that are important to them. I have the privilege to advise people on their life’s savings, the sum of their life’s accomplishments, help them reach lifetime goals and leave lasting legacies. The gravity of the service we provide is something that humbles me every day.

What is a common misconception about what you do?

Most people don’t know, or don’t understand, what the role of financial advisor really is. Some people think it’s just another name for a sales person, like trader or stock broker. People think we just try to push buying or selling stocks for commissions. We’ve structured our business around changing those traditional transaction-based models to focus on the individual and their household.  The reality is that an advisor should educate you, help you make decisions, not make them for you. The advisor should be communicating regularly, not just at the end of the year when it’s time to review the account.

Since money, investing, and savings are all words that tend to overwhelm people; in your mind what is the simplest way someone can get started in investing?

The biggest thing people need to realize is that money is not an extension of yourself or your value. The decisions you have made regarding your investments or savings do not reflect anything about you as a person. Many people feel guilty that they don’t have much is savings, or maybe they have some debt. This causes them to procrastinate or think negatively about their future. Then all of their finances can get jumbled up into this pessimistic viewpoint. Everyone’s situation can change, it just takes a single decision to start doing something about it. And just like with personal training, or weight loss, or business planning, having an accountability partner to help guide and advise you along the way can help make that change a successful and permanent one.

Thank you, Greg, for your sponsorship and support of our community! Learn more about Brockmeier Financial Services here.

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