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Bigger and Better - Memberships With More In Mind

Ch-ch-changesssss! As many of you know we have been discussing some membership changes around here. Our goal is for our members to be able to be here, be here often, connect with others within our community, and to make the decision to come in without any guesswork. Community and connection are at the heart of our mission - confusion and time tracking are not. That’s why we’ve spent the past few months coming up with a new system that offers you more flexibility and more time to come in! 

Coworking + Childcare

We are now offering an unlimited half-day coworking + childcare package! This special package is designed with working parents in mind. For only $89/mo plus the childcare package of your choosing you and your kiddo can come in every M-F from 8:30AM-12:30PM. No more guesswork as to how many days you have left - simply pay the flat monthly rate, get your kiddo settled, and get to work - all before nap time!

*As we extend our childcare hours to cover afternoons more details will come*

Coworking Memberships

Our new coworking membership offerings are specifically designed with community at the forefront. The whole goal of coworking is to help connect you with others and we  realized that our previous membership offerings were simply falling short. Below you will see our new options - they give you more time and less guesswork, what’s not to love?!

Dedicated Desk - Our office is your office and you'll even have your very own desk! You will be able to select a desk from our tables in the mezzanine. This space will be yours - stash your snacks, bring in some picture frames, do your thing! $349/mo - 24/7 Access Pass Included - 10 Conference Room Hours/mo

Flex Desk - No need to track, come on in! You will have unlimited access to our space and sit at any non dedicated desk. $179/mo - 6 Conference Room Hours/mo

Flex Desk Lite -  Only need a couple days a week? That's great! Set your own schedule and we'll see you soon. $89/mo - 2 days a week/8 days a month - 2 Conference Room Hours/mo

Day Pass - Use us only when you need us! Need a break from your office? Traveling through town? $20/day - Available Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm


WOO! Still following?! We realize this may feel abrupt and it's quite the significant change. This is something that we've been working towards and, after speaking with many of you, we're confident that these new offerings will better meet your needs and our core values. As always please do not refrain from asking any questions!

To find more detailed coworking info click here and for more childcare info click here. 

Amanda Quick