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I Did A Detox...And I Liked It!

*Note* I wasn’t doing this detox to lose weight, but more to clean up my laziness. I was dragging in the mornings and was having more cheat meals than I should have. I also wanted to see how my body reacted to certain foods. I know dairy and gluten make me bloated and swollen, but what about others? I am in no way claiming to be a health professional, please do not take any advice in this post as such. 

Weight loss, diet, gut health, detox, Atkins, carbs, blah...blah...blah..

I see so many people asking - what should I do to feel better, what should I do to shed these last 10 pounds? They turn to facebook groups and they turn to Google. Often finding what worked for everyone else - but is it the best for them?

I feel pretty good when it comes to eating healthy. I’ve listened, I’ve learned, I’ve applied, I’ve cheated (on food!), I’ve felt amazing, and I’ve felt sluggish and terrible.

Sean and I recently decided to stop drinking. We didn’t drink every day or even every weekend. It was more casual, but with our schedules it was getting in the way. Early mornings with a 2.5 year old and each of us running a business - we need to feel the best we can.

Since making this decision, I figured we might as well go the extra mile and do this detox I’d been hearing about - Look Good Naked (LGN). It was created by Dr. Debbie Bright. Her brother is a friend of ours and would drop little tidbits about it when at The Hatchery and I was finally out of excuses about why I couldn’t do it.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, It’s no joke. It’s 21 days of no alcohol, no caffeine (yes, that means no coffee), no sugar, no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no eggs, no wheat, and a whole lotta food prep. You’re removing the main foods that cause inflammation and resetting your gut.


I was a little scared and a little excited. I wasn’t scared of no alcohol or no coffee...I was scared of grocery shopping and cooking! Not on my list of favorite things to do. Oh, and I am a snacker. Bored? Snack.  Have to make a hard phone call? Snack Have to work on the non-fun parts of being a business owner? Snack. Snacking makes everything better - except for my skinny jeans!

We signed up on a Monday, ordered the supplements Dr. Debbie recommended, were added to the private support group on Facebook, and received our first week of recipes. I was elated when I received the email! It was simple and true step-by-step instructions, and that’s exactly what I needed! Being intimidated by grocery shopping, planning meals, eating what and when, and all that fun stuff - I realized she took all the thinking out of it.

On Sunday we chose what meals we wanted, grabbed the grocery list (which she provides for you!) , and our reusable grocery bags, and went to Lucky’s. Once I got over the lost puppy feeling (Gerbes is my go to because I know exactly where everything is!) I made my way through the store. Ever had to ask for celery root? Yeah, me neither. Luckily this trip was easier the second and third week and Google had become my friend to figure out what in the world some of these items looked like.  

Got home, unpacked all the groceries and made a plan of action. (Note: Thank the good lord for my mother in law as she takes Ellie with her on Sundays after church. Meal prep with a 2.5 year old = crazy town.) Fast forward 6 hours, yes 6, and our fridge was packed. WAIT….I know, “6 hours in the kitchen - we don’t have time for that.” Remember when I said we have a crazy life? To make this work we had to prep every single meal and portion it out so Sean could have everything on the road. And Ellie did come home during that time, AND I’m no pro in the kitchen, so I take longer than others would. Most of the meals made enough for dinner and then lunch the next day. All of that being said, the 6 hours over the course of one day was well worth not having the headache of trying to cram cooking dinner while squeezing in quality family time on a weeknight.

Meal prep with a toddler on your back - you just do what you have to do!

Meal prep with a toddler on your back - you just do what you have to do!

I went to bed that night and felt super excited for the week! Knowing everything was ready to go was a relief as I wouldn't have to worry about eating out for lunch or taking time to cook dinner while Ellie is hanging on my leg asking for a snack. We woke up the next morning and did our before pictures and made note of a few measurements.

Here’s a brief summary of the weeks:

Week 1 - pumped, excited, ready for the challenge, food tasted amazing, slept better, mornings were less groggy, having all food prepared was SUPER beneficial.

Week 2 - Sunday meal prep felt a little longer than the week before since the newness had worn off (thank goodness for podcasts), I would sometimes get behind on the dirty dishes, sleep was still improving, didn’t have the need for coffee, clothes fit better as the inflammation went down, skin felt great as I was drinking way more water.

Week 3 - I loved how I felt mentally and physically, but I was really over the dishes! For some reason, I was trying to wash, dry, and put away the dishes each night and I finally gave myself a break and used the dishwasher (silly, I know!). Our shopping trips were easier and trying to cook new things was less intimidating. This week called for 2 shakes a day and I failed to order some in time - so kept the normal plan. But, then Sean wanted to try it for another week and actually see what the 2 shakes did. Not going to lie….in my brain I was finished. 21 days, done, finished. But, he was determined and so I stayed on board.

Week 4 - This week was a struggle for me...we had to cook less, but I couldn’t gear up my excitement and I was craving chocolate and salt (ladies, you probably can pick up on that!) hardcore! I wanted to take pictures and measure as I knew things had changed, but I didn’t make the time for it. I was also lagging on my water intake, so I noticed a difference in wanting to snack more. I let myself slide a couple times on a cup of coffee and a snack here and there. The excuses I gave myself were interesting!


Okay - finished! We did it, woohoo! Here’s where it was weird for me. I knew I felt better, I knew my clothes fit better, I knew my sleep was better, I knew I could pop up out of bed after 10 hours of sleep or 5 hours of sleep and be ready to go. So, why did I slide back into some old habits? Each time I ate something that wasn’t the best for me I had a nagging voice ask “why?”. Was I eating it because I was stressed, because I was tired, because I was actually thirsty? And after a week and a half of falling off the wagon - we ate out a couple times, had ice cream, tried something with soy. Part of it was being lazy and part of it I wanted to see how my body reacted. I remembered why I don’t eat ice cream and now know I don’t handle soy very well.

So, it’s now a battle between how I feel and convenience. Dr. Debbie had a quote in her packet, “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.” 100% agree!

This past Saturday, Sean and I both agreed that we liked the way we felt and it was definitely worth the time and money. So, yesterday we headed to Lucky’s and conquered our grocery list. The neat thing is...we were able to find a couple things that were not 100% on the program, but better than we had bought chocolate chip cookies! I found an audiobook to listen to during meal prep and we took turns making certain things. Still not a huge fan of cooking, but I did realize I don’t get intimidated by recipes that I had never heard of.

Here’s to putting some goodness into our bodies so we can take on our crazy lives - no excuses. Even if we don’t have time to cook there are options here in town; PureFit meals, Back 2 Basics Cooking, and if all else fails - I’ll have Nathan make me a shake!


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