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Hi, I'm Raigan, And I Suck At Being A Summer Mom! | #LifeUnfiltered

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It’s July 5th and I still haven’t taken my child to the pool once this summer. I also haven’t made organic agave nectar popsicles. I haven’t crafted 15 various sensory bins full of kinetic sand and I refuse to make one more batch of slime. The extent of his “summer fun” has been thanks to the patience of his preschool and ohmygosh I am so thankful that I get to have such amazing people helping me raise him.

However, I am painfully aware that this is not everyone’s reality. I see you stay-at-home, work-at-home, and sometimes stuck-at-home parents. I see you - and let me be the first to say good freaking job.

Good job if you’ve done the crafts.

Good job if most of the days at home with your kiddo this summer have been spent in pjs.

Good job if the idea of another sensory bin is sending you into a cold sweat - and good job if you haven’t even done a single one!

Good job if you’ve spent every morning at the pool earlier than anyone should be awake just because you know a good swim sesh guarantees an afternoon nap.

Good job if you cranked on the sprinkler and left them in your fenced in backyard for 2.5 hours because by 10AM you already don’t want to hear “hey mom!” or “hey dad!” for at least 2 weeks.


Good job because, truly, summer is tough. Most kids are completely knocked off their usual routine and the heat definitely does not help anyone. Add to that the pressure that is placed on us by social media, Pinterest, and every article that is written to remind us that “time is fleeting! Enjoy it! You better enjoy it while you can!”

While this season of childhood is fleeting, I know that you don’t need a reminder. I know that the guilt you feel scrolling through your instagram and facebook feeds sucks. However, comparison will always be the thief of joy, and a summer without the absolute perfect crafts and ornately planned activities won’t crush your children. In fact, offering them the opportunity for unstructured free-play is one of the best things you can do for their developing brains.

So, take a deep breath and pop your feet up this afternoon. Put your phone down and quit the never-ending cycle of the constant comparison for today. We’re with you, we get it, and if you were ever under any kind of facade that we’ve got it all together - we’re also not crafting a damn thing this summer!

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