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Community Collaboration | A magical story between members!

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You’ve seen us throw the word, collaboration, around in our marketing. It’s something we offer, something people can find, and something people can be apart of. But, what does that actually look like? 

Let me take you on a journey of a real life collaboration that is truly magical in my eyes! 

Teah Hopper joined our space around December of 2017. She was just starting her own marketing company, Teah Hopper Consulting. Teah Hopper Consulting would be helping small business owners with their social media management. She launched and started offering her services through one-on-one coaching. 

In April of 2018 one of our members, Carrie Clark helped teach a class, Turning Your Expertise Into Online Revenue Streams. Carrie is an expert on this subject as she runs a very successful online business, The SLP Solution. Wanting to learn more about how to grow her own business, Teah was in attendance (smart, huh?!). Following that class Teah reached out to Carrie for some advice. She wanted to see how Teah Hopper Consulting could scale in the right way. Over the last couple months she realized doing one-on-one coaching wasn’t going to be scaleable and needed to find another way to run her business. Within that discussion, the idea of creating an online course was developed. 

During this creation process, Teah was introduced to another member Alicia Burke-Aguero. It was around June of 2018 and Alicia was in the early stages of shifting from working for a marketing company to starting her own company, Rise Refined. Her business would concentrate on brand clarity, logo and website design, and strategy coaching. Teah and Alicia started talking as they both saw the same need for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with social media. It was apparent that they both had different skills and they may be able to create a solution together. After multiple meetings, the branding, the outline, the goal, and the course was really coming together. Not only had the course, Social Simplified developed, but so did a friendship!

As the course developed they both realized it was going to be a much bigger project than expected. With a bigger project, comes more time and energy. Since social media was more Teah’s vision and passion, Alicia pulled back to let Teah take the lead and own the course. This allowed Alicia to concentrate on what she was truly passionate about, branding and strategy coaching.  Don’t worry, Alicia wasn’t out of the picture! Alicia stayed on to help with the strategy coaching and accountability so Teah would stay on track to create the course as planned. 

Fast forward to September 10th, 2018 where Teah presented Social Simplified at a weekly event we provide, Feedback Welcome. In that room sat online expert, Carrie Clark. Once again, Carrie was able to give incredible advice on where to start, how to launch, and how to map out a digestable gameplan for her course. 

Now, insert another member, Erica Martin with Pixel Jam Digital. Erica had joined us that summer as she was transitioning from working for a marketing company to owning her own business. Erica is an expert with frontend and backend web development, SEO, and sales funnels (and actually tons more!). Knowing that Erica helped another member, Anne Tegerdine (are you still following?!) with a sales funnel for her online course, I connected Teah and Erica. This meeting was incredible as Teah had all the aspects of the course and Erica knew how to put it all together. I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure there were fireworks going off. 

With Teah, Alicia, and Erica all working together the fully functioning online course, Social Simplified was created! In November of 2018 the marketing for the course was started and the course officially launched in January of 2019 - which Sold Out! 

After the first course was completed, their team came together (photo above) to analyze the performance and strategize to see how it could be even better the next go round. In May of 2019 the second course for Social Simplified launched and with no surprise, the analytics showed it performed even better!

Wait, there’s more (there’s always more!). Through the relationships built and the trust in each of their skills Teah was then able to assist Erica and Alicia with their social media!

Holy Moly! That, my friends, is the power of Community Collaboration! 

And it’s safe to say they are all still friends <3

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