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5 Goals The Hatchery Can Help You Keep In 2018

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU - or so they say! Goals are great and everything, but we all know that actually accomplishing them is a totally different story. Here's how The Hatchery can help you crush your goals in 2018:


As we say at The Hatchery, we like to get s*** done! We realize that isn’t exactly easy when you’re trying to crush your goals from home. Here, you won’t find any dirty dishes or loads of laundry to distract you. Well, except for your own coffee cup, but somehow that seems way more manageable than the 4 your spouse has randomly left all over your living room or the two stinky sippy cups you’ve been putting off cracking open.


Our point is that when you’re at home, it’s way more likely for a half-hour task to turn into a 3 hour task thanks to our brain’s tendency towards distraction. Leave the household chores at home, come in, put some headphones on, and we can almost guarantee that the work you thought would take you from 8AM-5PM can be crushed much sooner! Who doesn’t want more free time or the time to get even more accomplished? Let us give you the gift of productivity.


Raise your hand if those goals you set at the beginning of  2017 are still sitting neatly in a notebook with just a couple satisfying check marks to show off your achievements! Um, hi, us too - guilty as charged!


We know that accountability is one of the keys when it comes to actually achieving the goals we set in place. That’s why we have a public goal board for our community that we update each Monday. Writing down your goals is great, but having it on display for a group of like-minded individuals is even better.  Not only will you see it each time you walk by, but other members will too. Our community will celebrate you when something is crossed off, encourage you through the process of achievement if you need it, and connect you with other members if we can tell you’re needing their expertise to move forward.

We’re not going to get you out of bed each morning, but we can check in on your tasks as much as you need us too, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll find some accountability buddies to check in with you as you work through your list of goals! #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork


Ohhhh networking. That word either makes your eyes light up (Amanda) or makes your eyes roll to the back of your head (Raigan)! If you fall into that second category it may be because you have the impression that networking is all about putting on your social media worthy persona - maybe you feel like networking is all about being the perfect, most impressive version of yourself and we can definitely see why that would make your eyes roll!


Here at The Hatchery, we have a very different perspective on networking that even the most introverted among us can benefit from. Networking isn’t about passing a business card and expecting to make a sale - it’s about being your authentic self and attracting business through just being you. We want you to be able to build yourself up as an individual people know, like, and trust enough to do business with. What better way to do that than through a community who is already here to seek out those kinds of connections? The pressure of selling yourself in one sentence is totally off here - we just want you to be here, get involved, and naturally build your network by just being you.

Self Care

Some of you may be laughing at this goal because come on, who actually has the time to fit in some “me time” to their day?! Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news here but you 100% have that time - you’re just not maximizing it to its fullest potential. Wouldn’t it feel good to schedule in time for yourself instead of going a million miles a minute and hitting the burnout wall halfway through Thursday? Spoiler alert: you are not superhuman and if you’re not taking the time to refuel yourself, you’re going to hit that wall every. single. time.


We have hit that wall so many times that self-care is one of the major foundations of the kinds of events we choose to host in our space. Whether it’s yoga, coaching, nutrition, or our Mindful Morning classes we’ve made it a point to host events that fill your cup right from your workspace. It’s not so hard to schedule an hour of your week for yourself when the classes are right by you and are (often!) already rolled into your monthly membership. Plus, all that accountability stuff we just talked about? You better believe this is one area we’ll fight to keep you accountable since it’s the foundation of all of your success!


Most small businesses fail because they get caught up working in their business, not on their business. Does the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” sound familiar to you? That’s probably because none of us are actually supposed to know how to do everything. So stop trying. Part of this is a scarcity mindset, part of it is the fear of giving up control, and part of it is just not knowing what to delegate. It’s hard to do, but you have to know what your time is worth


Do you really suck at creating your social media or keeping track of your business finances? HIRE IT OUT. I know, you probably just rolled your eyes and said “That would be awesome if money grew on trees!” Let us break it down for you: If you make a product that you sell for $50 and it takes you 2 hours to make it, that’s $25/hour. You still have to advertise your product and your company. It takes you 3 hours to map out and create your social media for the week. That’s 12 hours a month. If your time is worth $25/hour then that’s $300/month that you’re spending on creating your social media. If you hired this out to someone who is a baller at social media, they could realistically accomplish this in half the time. Which would mean that is half the cost. Oh, and since this is their wheelhouse, they will probably do a much better job and save you even more money.

Our goal is to help get you acquainted with different members and learn what they do. We’re not trying to sell their services to you, but we want you to feel comfortable enough to strike up a conversation. Learn what they do and potentially collaborate with them. This can do two things - you can utilize their services or you can learn how they delegate parts of their business to be able to work on what they do best. Either way, we can almost guarantee you'll find a way to outsource that one thing in your business you just HATE doing - after all, you didn't start this entrepreneurship gig just to hate your job. 


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