The Hatchery: Columbia, MO Coworking with On-site Childcare


We're a co-working space with on-site childcare that allows business owners the office space and professionalism they crave. Located in Columbia, MO.

 photo courtesy of  Drew Piester Photography

photo courtesy of Drew Piester Photography

About The Hatchery

At The Hatchery, you'll find a one-of-a-kind coworking space with optional on-site childcare that allows you to escape to a calm, collected office environment – while knowing your child is having a blast just one room away.

How It Works

When you join The Hatchery, you'll have access to our space at the time amount specified by your plan – just choose which coworking membership is best for your needs. Then, add on an optional childcare package to make the most of your time here.


Our coworking memberships are sold in monthly packages – just choose which package is right for your needs and sign up. You'll be able to pay month-to-month or get a 5% discount for signing up for a full year.



All optional childcare packages are based on hours  and are appropriate for kids 6 weeks through 6 years of age. Choose which childcare package has the right benefits for you, then the hours are yours until they are used. We know kids can be unpredictable and we don't believe in making you pay for time you don't use. 


What you get with a coworking membership at The Hatchery:

  • Open workspace.
  • Fresh, hot coffee. 
  • Optional on-site childcare. 
  • Productivity. 
  • Access to private meeting space.
  • Community support. 
  • Networking events. 
  • Nursing Room. 
  • Your own tribe. 

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Our Belief:

Being a professional and a parent CAN exist without the guilt.

We help entrepreneurial moms build a strong community and belief in themselves so they can become the best parent and business owner they can be.

It's 9:34pm and our 3 month old finally went to bed. Now, do I switch over the laundry, put the dishes in the dishwasher, email John back about this counter offer, update my Tinybeans app so the family can see updates, or just lie on the floor and fall asleep?
Eh, I think I'll just take a seat and cry. I'm exhausted and can admit I can't do it all (white flag waving in the air).

Have you been there? You're not alone.

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Our Story: Where it all began


Meet Amanda Quick: Owner, hustler, and mom

3 months. That's how long I lasted until I hit total burnout after becoming a new mom.

I found I couldn't juggle everything. Working as a full time realtor, being a mom, and wife to a traveling husband was just too much to handle. No matter how hard I tried, I felt I wasn't making it. I was passionate about my professional career and passionate about being a mom, but the two always felt at odds. Every day I felt guilty and stretched so thin I could almost break. I was constantly pulled in two directions: my professional career and my desire to be close to my child.

I wanted both – to find space to work while being close to my new child – but I didn't know where to turn. Home was a topsy-turvy environment filled with distractions. Ever had your child screaming in the background of a conference call? It's not a good situation.

But what the heck could I do? Working from home wasn't working. Full-time childcare? Beyond expensive – and would mean I was away from my toddler all day. Coffee shop? Totally impossible to focus with a kiddo in tow.  

And I knew my situation wasn't unique. My need to create work-life balance as a professional woman and a mother is a challenge women everywhere are facing. 

And that's how The Hatchery was born. 

From my real-life experiences and those of my friends, I knew women needed a space where they could find focus in a professional environment while knowing their child was just a room away.

We needed the flexibility to come and go as necessary. We needed a place where we could ditch the yoga pants, put on our work clothes, and get down to business. And we needed a community where we could find strength in one another.

Sound familiar? I feel you.

I want to help you get back on track. You shouldn't be forced to choose between being a professional and being a mom.

Come to The Hatchery to find a community that's as passionate as you are. Come find a place where you can take a breath and get on that conference call, make copies, hold meetings with your clients, and get your kiddo taken care of.

Come tour The Hatchery and see if it's the antidote you've been looking for.



We empower entrepreneurial moms by building a strong, supportive community to give you a space for your professional career – and become the best parent and business owner you can be.

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