The Hatchery: Columbia, MO Coworking



What is Coworking?

At The Hatchery, you'll find a one-of-a-kind coworking space that allows you to focus in a calm, collected office environment – all while providing you with a network of like-minded people who can help you reach your next big goal. Think all of the good things about having coworkers, minus the watercooler gossip!


“Workspaces that combine the freedom of working for yourself with the community and creativity of a traditional job.”

- Brad Neuberg

Photos courtesy of Drew Piester Photography


Book a tour of The Hatchery

The best way to learn about coworking is to experience our space in person. Book a tour with one of our community managers, and you'll also receive a free, full day of coworking!



Coworking Gives You a Place to Grow Your Business

The Hatchery offers flexible membership options

Flexible membership options

Our coworking memberships are sold in monthly packages – just choose which package is right for your needs and sign up. You'll be able to pay month-to-month or receive a 5% discount for signing up for a full year.

Community Events

Community Events

We host weekly and monthly events for our community - the majority of which are all free to our members - including continuing education for your business, learning from local business leaders, and even happy hour!

Feedback Welcome: A public event for our community of entrepreneurs

Feedback Welcome: A public event for our community of entrepreneurs

Each Monday morning we allow an entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, or business veteran to lean on our community for extra support. They get to present their growing business idea and request feedback on so they can leave with the answers they need.